Untold Story

Medium & Finishing
  • Ultra realism and abstract art engage your imagination

    A photograph of a wistful young woman and a solitary rose. Is she a far-away sweetheart? A long-lost child?  For every art lover that wants a mystery to solve, I present Untold Story.

    The girl in the photo is an homage to The Young Shepherdess, by French artist William-Adolphe Bouguereau (1805-1905). I have always loved the haunting look of this portrait. The rose was from a dozen that I bought my wife, Sharon. She kindly didn’t notice that I only gave her 11!

  • Sometimes I get my inspiration from unlikely sources; Untold Story was one of those. After cleaning off a ceramic palette that I use in my studio, I was intrigued by the pattern of the paint residue left behind. The swaths of paint were so attractive that I took a photo to use as a reference and reproduced the effect on canvas. The effect looked like a wall you might find a back room of a bodega or loft, weathered with age and accumulated paint.

    On top of this highly abstract background, I painted an ultra-realistic photo and rose as the painting’s focal point and source of mystery. The photo and masking tape were painted in the trompe l’oeil style which creates an optical illusion that the items on the canvas are three-dimensional and real. In particular, the edges of the photo and appearance of the tape fool the eye into thinking they are actually affixed to the surface of the canvas. (trompe l’oeil means “deceive the eye” in French.

  • All Richard Hall prints are limited edition and hand-signed and numbered by the artist.

    All of our prints are finished with a coating that protects the print and enhances light-fastness; we use the highest quality pigmented inks with an estimated lifetime of 118 years.

    Canvas giclées: Edition of 50 (for all sizes), signed and numbered on the back of the piece. Archivally mounted or stretched and hand-coated with protectant. Framed canvas giclées are hand-framed in our studio with an espresso-colored frame with gold-tone lip. Unframed canvas giclées should not be framed with glass.

    Paper giclées: Edition of 250 for 12” x 12” sizes; edition of 125 for 20” x 20”. Printed on high-quality, acid-free paper and comes with a hand-cut mat that fits into a standard-size frame. We recommend that you use a frame with glass to ensure longevity of your paper print.

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