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Peddlin' Apples

Medium & Finishing

An inviting scene of autumn splendor

Peddlin' Apples is a memory of mine, come alive on the canvas. When I was a teen in England, I had a weekend job with the local grocer who grew most of the food that he sold. In the fall, we’d drive out to his orchard and collect the apples to stock the store.

Composition details

Look closely at the background and you’ll see an abstract leaf pattern. I started with a vivid green and then toned it down until I reached an effect evocative of a sunny-but-crisp autumn day.

I positioned my lighting close-in from the lower left to achieve these theatrical shadows that balance the background with the rest of the piece.

You can see me painting Peddlin' Apples in my series of fun Instagram videos .

Other details

I’ve had this pedal car tractor for several years now, but needed the right inspiration to feature it in a painting. It is from the 1950-60 time frame and also has a detachable trailer.

Dozens of apples were needed for Peddlin' Apples - but my wife, Sharon, and I made applesauce from the subject matter, so nothing was wasted :)