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Monster Truck

  • Do these scary toys give you a sense of déjà boo?

    Monster Truck originated when a passerby at an art show was mentioned to his companion about going to see “monster trucks.” The idea of classic movie monsters and pickups with enormous tires was hilarious to me, so Bob’s your uncle, Monster Truck was born. (Translation for those who don’t speak the Queen’s English, “Presto, Monster Truck was born.”)

    (By the way, the first time I ever said “Bob’s your uncle” to my American bride, she looked at me with her big brown eyes and said: “” Turns out, she has an uncle named Bob and couldn’t figure out why I was reciting her family tree.)  

  • The key to making Monster Truck was getting spectacular shadows like you would see during tension-filled moments in the B-movie horror flicks of the 1960s.

    The best way I found to get these shadows was to extend the arms of the monster action figures and and then angle the light from the bottom in such a way that it projected the shadows to the top of the image - much like a kid in the dark shining a flashlight on their face for scary effect. I was particularly pleased with how the shadows of Dracula’s fingers turned out.

    Another aspect of this image that adds to the drama is the palette used. When I depict more modern toys made out of plastic, I usually adjust my palette to feature brighter, more synthetic colours, as with the vibrant orange and yellow tones you see here.  As a comparison, I invite you to check out Heirlooms, an image that features an early 1900s toy and a more organic range of colours.


  • All Richard Hall prints are limited edition and hand-signed and numbered by the artist.

    All of our prints are finished with a coating that protects the print and enhances light-fastness; we use the highest quality pigmented inks with an estimated lifetime of 118 years. We fully guarantee our prints, and if there is ever a problem with fading, we will replace it.

    Canvas giclées: Edition of 50 (for all sizes), signed and numbered on the back of the piece. Archivally mounted or stretched and hand-coated with protectant. Framed canvas giclées are hand-framed in our studio with an espresso-colored frame with gold-tone lip. Unframed canvas giclées should not be framed with glass.

    Paper giclées: Edition of 250 for 12” x 16” sizes; edition of 125 for 18” x 24”. Printed on high-quality, acid-free paper and comes with a hand-cut mat that fits into a standard-size frame. We recommend that you use a frame with glass to ensure longevity of your paper print.