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Getting Blood from a Stone

  • But have you tried a syringe?

    Whenever you feel like you just don’t have any more to give, this print is for you!

    Getting Blood from a Stone
    started after finding this terror-inducing hypodermic syringe off of Ebay. I assumed, given its size, that the syringe was veterinary in use but a physician that collects antique medical tools told me that it might have indeed been used on people. Apparently, some of the older medicines - like those for syphilis - were very thick and had to be administered very slowly and painfully through a large needle. *shivers*

    Regardless of the horror story behind it, the syringe was perfect for this image. If any device could extract blood from a stone, this is it! 

  • On top of a stylized, abstract background, I employ stark shadows to kick up the theatrics in the piece. (If anything deserves a dramatic treatment, it is a giant metal syringe!) As you can see, the shadow work adds intrigue to an already dramatic subject.

    I also kept the palette of Getting Blood From a Stone purposely limited - this neutral colorway made the red in the syringe stand out all the more.

    Other details

    One key to this image was having stones that were visually appealing - different from each other, yet pleasing together. My river rock landscaping was plundered accordingly. As for the “blood” in the syringe, I used the classic Hollywood standby: ketchup! My studio is a messy place.

    To see more details of Getting Blood from a Stone, please visit the Richard Hall Studio on Instagram. I have step-by-step videos from the staging of the painting to finished work of art.

  • All Richard Hall prints are limited edition and hand-signed and numbered by the artist.

    All of our prints are finished with a coating that protects the print and enhances light-fastness; we use the highest quality pigmented inks with an estimated lifetime of 118 years.

    Canvas giclées: Edition of 50 (for all sizes), signed and numbered on the back of the piece. Archivally mounted or stretched and hand-coated with protectant. Framed canvas giclées are hand-framed in our studio with an espresso-colored frame with gold-tone lip. Unframed canvas giclées should not be framed with glass.

    Paper giclées: Edition of 250 for 12” x 16” sizes; edition of 125 for 18” x 24”. Printed on high-quality, acid-free paper and comes with a hand-cut mat that fits into a standard-size frame. We recommend that you use a frame with glass to ensure longevity of your paper print.