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Escape Act

  • Monkeying around with an elaborate escape plan

    Remember these 1960s era plastic circus toys? Did you know the animals could conspire to skedaddle away from the big top? Here’s how they planned their escape:
    First, the monkey on the left is preparing to load the cannon. The elephant, in the cage, is holding a string attached to the cannon’s firing lever. When the elephant pulls the string, the cannon fires, and everyone makes a break for freedom!

    (This escape shouldn’t take any ringmasters by surprise, however. The animals have clearly spelled out their intentions with a few select building blocks.)
  • I find that with an complex scene like Escape Act, the key to keeping it cohesive is balance. The viewer needs a clue for where to put their eyes first. Here, the red monkey at the top, swinging from the trapeze, is the visual entry point of the work. Once you see him, see the string in his hand, and follow it to the cannon, the rest of the image tells the story. 

  • All Richard Hall prints are limited edition and hand-signed and numbered by the artist. All of our prints are finished with a coating that protects the print and enhances light-fastness; we use the highest quality pigmented inks with an estimated lifetime of 118 years. 

  • Canvas giclées: Edition of 50 (for each size), signed and numbered on the back of the piece. Archivally mounted or stretched and hand-coated with protectant. Framed canvas giclées are hand-framed in our studio with an espresso-colored frame with gold-tone lip. Unframed canvas giclées should not be framed with glass.

    Paper giclées: Edition of 250 for 12” x 16” sizes; edition of 125 for 18” x 24”. Printed on high-quality, acid-free paper and comes with a precision-cut mat that fits into a standard-size frame. We recommend that you use a frame with glass to ensure longevity of your paper print.

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