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The Collector

  • A raven gathers memories - inspired by ancient Norse mythology

    There is a Viking legend about two ravens, Hugninn and Muninn who fly all over the world each day to gather information from the dead for the Norse god Odin. One bird would collect thoughts and one would collect memories.

    The Collector depicts the memory gatherer with his latest collection. Here’s what the objects represent:

    Wedding ring - memories of relationships

    Small key (from a trinket box)  - memories throughout life

    Large key (from a wind-up clock) - the passage of time

  • Given the otherworldly nature of the subject matter, I wanted the composition to have a dreamlike, unearthly feel. To accomplish this goal, I limited my palette to only three colors and created a highly abstract background to impart surreal qualities to the finished work.
    To stage the setting, I built the nest from sticks and twigs gathered in the desert.

    Other details

    I love to paint birds - they are a marvelous challenge for the realist, especially the feathers. If an artist doesn’t get the feathers exactly right, the viewer knows it and can sense that something is “off” about the painting.

    Many cultures have stories about ravens, crows, and magpies and usually these birds are messengers of some kind. Although I don’t paint these lovely creatures often, when I do, I enjoy layering the extra meaning from these early stories into my compositions. For another example, please see Atonement, an image inspired by Greek mythology.
  • All Richard Hall prints are limited edition and hand-signed and numbered by the artist.

    All of our prints are finished with a coating that protects the print and enhances light-fastness; we use the highest quality pigmented inks with an estimated lifetime of 118 years.

    Canvas giclées: Edition of 50 (for all sizes), signed and numbered on the back of the piece. Archivally mounted or stretched and hand-coated with protectant. Framed canvas giclées are hand-framed in our studio with an espresso-colored frame with gold-tone lip. Unframed canvas giclées should not be framed with glass.

    Paper giclées: Edition of 250 for 12” x 16” sizes; edition of 125 for 18” x 24”. Printed on high-quality, acid-free paper and comes with a hand-cut mat that fits into a standard-size frame. We recommend that you use a frame with glass to ensure longevity of your paper print.

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