On the Road From Green to White

On the Road From Green to White

On the Road from Green to White Oil on canvas | 15" x 24" | 19" x 28" Framed | $2900
Please contact Richard B. Hall directly to purchase On the Road from Green to White

A delicate monochromatic study for the oenophile

Dozens of shades of green combine to depict a produce truck motoring down the road in the warm glow of the evening.

Composition details

I love this painting. With the palette limited largely to shades of white and green, it gives such a harmonious, elegant feel.

The challenge here is that to get the right colors, I had to mix each shade of green to ensure that the hues worked together - and there’s simply no grabbing a tube of paint when an exact shade of chartreuse is required. That’s where my 40+ years as a painter come in handy. Knowing how much purple, white, or red to daub in saves much wasted paint.

You can see me setting up this scene in a video on Instagram: On the Road from Green to White.

Additional details

On the Road from Green to White is a companion piece to The Long and Wine-ding Road, which features purple grapes on a similar journey to the winery. The two images are mirrored and have the truck and shelf at the same level so they can be hung side-by-side, if desired.

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