Tater Tot

Tater Tot

Tater Tot Oil on canvas | 18" x 22" | 22" x 26" Framed | $2900
Please contact Richard B. Hall directly to purchase Tater Tot

Tater Tot

She’s a chip off the old block

Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head gaze at a picture of the newest addition to their family. She’s such an adorable small fry.

Composition details

Tater Tot offers an unusual perspective of the popular plastic potato toys by showing them from the back. The challenge here was how to depict the emotion of the new parents without showing their faces. 

First, I clasped their hands. (Isn’t that what most new parents do as they gaze at their baby?) Second, I used a chalkboard to allow you, the viewer, to eavesdrop into their conversation. To get that authentic chalkboard feel, I drew on the painted background with white oil pastels, then “erased” by wiping away much of the writing. Once I got a pleasing appearance, I wrote the parents’ conversation bubbles.

The photograph hung with blue painter’s tape was painted in the trompe l'oeil style, an artistic visual illusion where a painted subject looks real. (I’ve had people at art shows even lean around to the side of a canvas to see if there is actually paper and tape affixed to the canvas.)

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