Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth Oil on canvas | 15" x 21" | 19" x 25" Framed | $2,900 
Please contact Richard B. Hall directly to purchase Sweet Tooth.

Keeping dentists employed - one sugary treat at a time!

Yes, I’ll admit it: I have been known to consume a confection on occasion. (And by “occasion,” I mean daily.)

In Sweet Tooth, I present a delectable rainbow of candy, cookies, and donuts. These sweet treats are accompanied by a set of wind-up joke dentures--It looks like they’ve already dug in!

Composition details

Sweet Tooth is all about texture and light, all of which are key components of traditional still life realism. Notice how the glass shines and the shelf reflects. You can almost taste the puff of the donuts and the crumble of the cookies.

To achieve these effects, I use classic still life techniques--the same as those practiced by the Dutch Masters over 400 years ago--including painting the background with many thin layers to build up depth in color and shading. These methods yield rich visuals regardless of subject matter, even for plastic teeth and lollipops!

You can see me working on the pink donut in a video I’ve posted on Instagram:  Sweet Tooth on Instagram.

Other details

There is a candy store near my studio that I like to wander around for inspiration. It has shelves and bins of bulk candies and always whets my imagination (and by imagination, I mean appetite). I selected these candies because of their textures and bright colors. The jawbreakers (called “gobstoppers” by us Brits) looked particularly inviting.

Once I saw all the candy, I knew I would be adding the plastic teeth to round out the composition - fortunately I have several pair in the studio for just such an occasion!

To purchase Sweet Tooth, please contact the Richard B. Hall studio directly.

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