Pomegranate Promise

Pomegranate Promise

Pomegranate Promise
Oil on canvas | 24" x 36" (28" x 40" Framed ) | $8,900
Please contact Richard B. Hall directly to purchase Pomegranate Promise

An image popping with pomegranates!

One day we noticed a strange new flower in amongst our Cape Honeysuckle plantsCape Honeysuckle has bright orange flowers, but these flowers were bright red.  We allowed it to grow, and eventually realized we had a new pomegranate tree started, probably a result of a bird dropping containing a pomegranate seed.  Over time it grew into a full size pomegranate tree, offering an abundance of fruit each year.  However, we have yet to enjoy a fully ripe pomegranate, the birds get to the fruits before we do.  Considering how we came to acquire this tree, that seems fair.  

Composition details

I did manage to beat the birds to some of the fruit, and cut a small branch for this painting.  These pomegranates are not quite ripe, so they have more yellow, orange and red than the deep, rich purple-red, but were perfect with the ceramic pots I chose for the painting.  

Other details

When I was setting up the still life in the studio, I placed a board behind it to create a backdrop for the objects.  It was a board that I had preciously used to mix paint on. I liked the contrast of the abstract background with the realistic still life so I actually painted the painting on that old board.

This is the first painting in which I've used a cloth cover for the table.

To purchase Pomegranate Promise, please contact the Richard B. Hall studio directly.

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