Indigo Shadows

Indigo Shadows

Indigo Shadows Oil on canvas | 40" x 30" | 42" x 32" Framed | $8,400 
Please contact Richard B. Hall directly to purchase Indigo Shadows

Simplicity in blue

Indigo Shadows is all about simplicity.  I started this composition with many objects, but ended up with just these few. The dramatic shadows act as additional objects.  All the diagonals in the painting (the branches, leafs and shadows) go in different directions, and help to move your eye around the composition. 

Composition details

I had been to my storage unit and was carrying in boxes full of ceramic pots and old glass bottles.  I set this last bottle down on the garage floor, and as I began to close the garage door, I noticed the extreme shadows caused by the bright Arizona sun. I decided to settle in and work on a composition right there on the garage floor.  I tried adding more ceramic pots and cans, but finally, just grabbed some figs and added them to the setup. I ended up keeping it very simple, with the garage floor as the backdrop, just a few objects and the emphasis on the dramatic shadows.

Other details

I LOVE figs...especially in the form of Newtons! 😂

To purchase Indigo Shadows, please contact the Richard B. Hall studio directly.

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