Oil on canvas | 44" x 44" (53" x 53" Framed ) | $12,000 
Please contact Richard B. Hall directly to purchase Horsecycle.

Savor a treasured toy from a century ago

Staging complex compositions to paint is a talent of mine, but sometimes I come across an object so special that it needs to be allowed to shine on its own. Horsecycle features a treasure such as this.

For some time, I had been seeking a rocking horse for a painting I was planning. My wife, Sharon, found this gem on Ebay and I immediately knew that I had to have it. (Thankfully, we won the auction.)

The toy is completely unmarked so we knew nothing about it until Sharon happened to find this exact horse in an old Sears catalog from 1919. Imagine what a treasured possession this toy must have been so long ago.

Composition details

To underscore the beauty of the rocking horse, I kept the composition simple and elegant - in a setting evocative of a sun-filled playroom.

The background was painted with abstract art techniques; the bold strokes, applied with corrugated cardboard, are designed to emulate whitewashed wall treatments of yesteryear. I also made a point to emphasize the aesthetics of the wood, enjoying how the surface qualities (from smooth painted to splintery) help define a vintage feel.

Other details

Of all the paintings I’ve done throughout the years, this is Sharon’s favorite. That makes me love Horsecycle all the more.

To purchase Horsecycle, please contact the Richard B. Hall studio directly.

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