From All Angles

From All Angles

From All Angles
Oil on canvas | 12" x 18" (16" x 22" Framed ) | $1,900
Please contact Richard B. Hall directly to purchase From All Angles.

From All Angles

My tribute to Wassily Kandinsky’s Composition III

Every artist knows the yearning feeling of seeing another artist’s work and thinking: “Oh! I wish that I had painted that.” The work of Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky (1866-1944) does that to me.

Composition details

The essence of this painting is geometry. I wanted it to be architectural in appearance with a vibe that is more engineered than painted. I achieved this feeling by manipulating shapes in the background - literally pressing vintage drafting tools (a set square, a protractor, and french curves) into the wet layers of paint. My feeling is that Kandinsky probably used such tools when he created the original, and I wanted to be true to his techniques.

After I incorporated the background shapes, I blotted the entire surface repeatedly until it was perfectly smooth and then wiped away the center area where the postcard would be.

The masking tape is painted in the ultra-realistic trompe l’oeil style, where the painted items look so real you might be tempted to think there was actually tape affixed to the canvas. Many of the paintings I’ve done in this series feature blue painter’s tape, but here I used masking tape both to be period-correct for the original image and because the masking tape has a color that goes well with the palette of the original work.

About the Visionaries series 

Every museum store in the world carries postcards of their most popular works. I have dozens of these cards featuring every style of painting imaginable.

In my continuing series, Visionaries: My Tribute to the Innovators of Fine Art, I explore the artistry of these painters - marrying their iconic images with both abstract backgrounds and ultra-realistic still life objects to create something entirely new.

To purchase From All Angles, please contact the Richard B. Hall studio directly.

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