Freedom Rider

Freedom Rider

Freedom Rider
Oil on canvas | 37" x 35" (46" x 44" Framed ) | $11,600 
Please contact Richard B. Hall directly to purchase Freedom Rider 

A portrait of patriotic pedaling

  Whether you love a bicycle, a sport bike, or a big V-twin motorcycle, the lure of the open road probably started when you were just a tyke on a trike. Freedom Rider is my homage to the young traveler, complete with a small American flag to celebrate the beauty of America's byways.

Composition details

In addition to a portrait of a lovely old tricycle, Freedom Rider is also a study of shadows and light. Notice how the spokes and the seat spring make a complex, abstract pattern on the wall, providing a dynamic contrast with the highly representational wooden box and trike.

Other details

This painting was featured in The Rehs Gallery ARC Select Exhibition in New York City, opening October 22 - November 15, 2016

"Rehs Contemporary is proud to work side by side with the Art Renewal Center as we present ARC Select – a group exhibition featuring the works of six hand-picked artists from ARC’s annual Salon. The winners of this year’s ARC Select award are: Philippe Attie, Richard Hall, Joseph McGurl, Walter Rane, Duffy Sheridan and Kari Tirrell."

This painting is the first image I made with a tricycle (my wife, Sharon, and I waited for the right one to come along). We found this gem on eBay, made in the 1920s by Velo King -  back when such toys were called “velocipedes.” (I keep forgetting that word and calling them “velociraptors”!) There are remnants of red and green paint left on it, colors used to evoke the popular Italian bicycle races of the day.

This Velo King sits atop a lovely weathered box that is a favorite of mine. The yellow color is the actual shade of the box; I’ve included this box in other images, changing the color to fit the composition (such as in
Snow Day).


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