Fish Tales

Fish Tales

Fish Tales Oil on canvas | 12" x 16" | 16" x 20" Framed | $1300 
Please contact Richard B. Hall directly to purchase Fish Tales.

The one that got away

This vintage bathtub toy fish is suspended from a string, swimming in front of a chalkboard sea as two fishermen talk about the one that got away.  What is it about a fisherman that makes their arms super stretchy?

Composition details

I usually combine a number of objects in my paintings to tell a story, but in this piece, all the focus in on the single object of the toy fish.  The chalkboard background provides a familiar, friendly way for me to introduce a story into the still life setting. To get the correct chalky texture of a chalkboard, I drew on the painted surface with oil pastels, erased it, then re-drew the final images.

The use of the string motif not only adds adds depth and humor to the story, but also helps guide the eye up and down the image. 

To purchase Fish Tales , please contact the Richard B. Hall studio directly.

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