Doing Donuts

Doing Donuts

Doing Donuts
Oil on canvas | 25" x 27" (29" x 31" Framed ) | $6,500
Please contact Richard B. Hall directly to purchase Doing Donuts

An image “jam packed” with motion!

Doing Donuts was the result of an inspiration I had while setting up a still-life scene. As I was placing the donuts in the bed of the toy truck, I thought: “This is so interesting from the top.”  

Composition details

I wanted this painting to communicate motion - that fun, whirling sensation you get when you are “doing donuts” in a parking lot somewhere. I felt like the background was the key to conveying this movement and ended up completely repainting it after the first go because I wanted to tease more action into the scene.

Notice how the sprinkles lead your eye directionally through the image. Without those small finishing touches, the painting was much more static and just not finished.

Other details

Please know how much I suffer for my art. I ate more than several donuts in the course of this painting and had to go back to the store for more. After I brought the last half-dozen home, I sprayed them with the fixative I use to seal drawings to remove temptation to eat any more. This scheme only partially worked; I found myself later looking at the underside of one the donuts and thinking: “I’ll bet this part is still good.” (I resisted.)

To purchase Doing Donuts, please contact the Richard B. Hall studio directly.

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