Coffee Brake

Coffee Brake

Coffee Brake
Oil on canvas | 25" x 21" (29" x 25" Framed ) | $4,100
Please contact Richard B. Hall directly to purchase Coffee Brake

D’ough! There is something in the road!

The wordplay nature of my paintings often means that one funny title or image can spawn a dozen more ideas. Coffee Brake was conceived when I was developing Coffee Monster  but I wasn't quite sure how to combine vehicular activity with a cup of joe. When I found this lovely toy delivery van, I knew my donut-in-the-road idea was no longer “half-baked.”

Composition details

I wanted the subjects in Coffee Brake to be animated - as if you caught a glimpse, stop-motion style. I used string to suspend the objects and but left them out of the final image to heighten the topsy-turvy feel. Lighting is from the lower left, positioned to create dramatic, bouncy shadows.

Other details

This painting was featured in The Rehs Gallery ARC Select Exhibition, in New York City, October 22-November 15 2016 

"Rehs Contemporary is proud to work side by side with the Art Renewal Center as we present ARC Select – a group exhibition featuring the works of six hand-picked artists from ARC’s annual Salon. The winners of this year’s ARC Select award are: Philippe Attie, Richard Hall, Joseph McGurl, Walter Rane, Duffy Sheridan and Kari Tirrell."


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