Cake Walk

Cake Walk

Cake Walk Oil on canvas | 10" x 18" | 14" x 22" Framed | $1800 
Please contact Richard B. Hall directly to purchase Cake Walk

When balancing is a piece of cake

An acrobat goes toe-to-toe with a maraschino cherry and comes out on top in Cake Walk.

Composition details

Much like its companion piece, Bank Balance, Cake Walk features a devilishly difficult-to-paint black background. Honestly, I don’t do many of this kind of background because they take a long time and even one little bump into the surface can ruin the smooth negative-space effect.

So why take on the hassle? Because the effect of sharp shadows against black is so stunning - like the most dramatic spotlight in the center ring of a circus. 

In contrast, notice the softer reflections of the pastry onto the shelf. I purposely made these images more muted so as not to fight with that the cake above and sprinkles below for your attention.

Additional details

The balancing toy is a “Whirling Wilmer” from the 1920s.  His pointy toe can balance on many varied surfaces, but I couldn’t make him stand up in a maraschino cherry very well. Instead, I used modeling clay to prop Wilmer up. 

In fact, I couldn’t actually stack the pastry up like this either. The dense cake flattened the donut at the bottom, so I combined them only on the canvas (and in my tummy). I have a video on Instagram showing my attempts to stack up the goodies.

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