Bank Balance

Bank Balance

Bank Balance Oil on canvas | 10" x 18" | 14" x 22" Framed | $1900 
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This clever acrobat is right on the money

Bank Balance features a high-wire act balancing perilously atop some cold, hard cash.

Composition details

I don’t often paint all-black backgrounds. They are difficult to execute, but OH! what a dramatic effect a backdrop like this one gives - just like a center-ring circus performance where the crowd is holding their breath in anticipation.

I start by painting the entire surface black and then carefully add layers of black mixed with other shades to create the shadows in the background. 

The coins and bills inside the jar were painted with a softer hand instead of tight realism. I dry-brushed highlights and lowlights to create the look of money that is slightly distorted behind thick vintage glass.

You can see me setting up the scene for Bank Balance on my Instagram page: Bank Balance by Richard Hall 

Other details

The balancing toy is a “Whirling Wilmer” from the 1920s.  His pointy toe can balance on many odd surfaces, even a dime! The truck is somewhere between 30 and 50 years old. The actual toy says “BAKERY” on the side, so I changed the image in the painting to offer more wordplay. 

I’ve created a companion piece for Bank Balance featuring our same intrepid tightrope walker balanced on mouth-watering pastries: Cake Walk II. Notice that the two images face each other so you can hang them as a pair.

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