Banana Boat

Banana Boat

Banana Boat Oil on canvas | 12" x 12" | 16" x 16" Framed | $1,100 
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Monkeying around

My father was always telling us of his adventures in the merchant marine.  He was too young to join the army during WW2, but he ran off and joined the British merchant marine at age 15.  He often told us about sailing to the tropics, and bringing back crates full of bananas.  He terrified us with stories of tarantulas and other scary arachnids that crawled out of the banana crates.

Another story he loved to tell was about the time they landed in New York City, and took a box of bananas out to Cony Island.  He and his buddies ate bananas as they walked, tossing banana peels on the ground.  Once they finished the box, they heard a noice behind them, and turned.  It was a mounted police officer! That day, they had to retrace their steps and pick up all the banana peels! 

Composition details

I made the "banana boat" very simple, something a kid (like me) would have done.  I often use the monkey's from the classic "Barrel of Monkeys" toy in my paintings.  They are simple and beloved children's toys, and always the first thing my grandkids go to when visiting my studio.

Other details

My Dad was a natural storyteller with his broad Yorkshire accent and terrific sense of humour.  I guess I inherited a bit of that from him, but I tell my stories through my art.

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