Banana Bandit

Banana Bandit

Banana Bandit
Oil on canvas | 21" x 24" (25" x 29" Framed ) | $4500
Please contact Richard B. Hall directly to purchase Banana Bandit

Here he comes! Walking down the street!


Composition details

Who says a traditional still life can’t have humour? Even though the character approaching from stage right is solidly 20th-century in origin, this painting was created using the classic still life techniques as practiced by artists centuries ago. The smooth background was painted in thin layers to build up depth in color and shading and the shadowplay is crisp.

Having a shadow created from something outside the borders of the painting (“off-screen,” if you will) adds great drama. There is more going on than you can see and you anticipate the action to come.

Other details

I’ve featured this weathered blue pot in a few of my paintings. The mottled patina is pleasant to paint. Bananas are also fun subject matter with their soft, glossy textures. But you have to work fast and store them in the refrigerator between painting sessions because they change appearance quickly!

To purchase Banana Bandit, please contact the Richard B. Hall studio directly.

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