Hit the Gas

Hit the Gas

Hit the Gas Oil on canvas | 15" x 25" | 19" x 21" Framed | $3,500 
Please contact Richard B. Hall directly to purchase Hit the Gas.

This wind-erful truck is running on vapors!

Hit the Gas features an array of lovely cabbages and a cauliflower transported by a vintage toy truck. The truck has collided with the baked beans, causing a Brussels sprouts blowout.

I firmly believe that fine art doesn’t have to be staid and stuffy - as this image demonstrates. Hit the Gas has all the hallmarks of a traditional still life composition, the only difference is that it started as a bit of schoolboy-quality humour. You see, at a recent art show, one of my artist friends would eat a large salad full of cruciferous vegetables every day. We would all joke...and believe me, that kind of humour escalates, toot sweet!

Composition details

To get the can at the correct angle, I used modeling clay to prop it up. Soft lighting from the lower left provides lustrous highlights on the cabbages and dramatic shadows in the background. The painting’s intricacies meant that I had to put the veg in the refrigerator each night and set up the scene again each morning until I finished.

Other details

Heinz baked beans were a household staple when I was growing up in Britain - you can’t have beans on toast without them - so I found this can at a British specialty foods importer to complete the scene.  A result of this painting is that my wife Sharon has asked me to paint only one cabbage at a time. We had a heck of a time eating all this produce at once when the painting was done.

To purchase Hit the Gas, please contact the Richard B. Hall studio directly.

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